We organize Diplomatic, Business, Political and Social Networking events.

The organisation was started in 2013 and has been growing since then.

As for our Social Networking events, we started in 2013. We meet at prestigious venues in Prague (i.e. Marriott, Boscolo Hotel, Hilton), for our guests to interact in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Since October 2016, we have began organising the events under the name, Prague Forum – AfterWork Party.

Our many events have attracted thousands of guests in the last three years. We are visited by top business executives as well as by well known professionals, young students and people new to the city. We are open and our only selection criteria is the friendliness of the guests.

Our Diplomatic Events also began in 2013 and has been continuing and growing since then. To date we have hosted 31 Ambassadors, for an interactive debate followed by a private dinner with selected guest. We are now ready to begin a new series of political and business forums, inviting top members of the relevant communities (i.e. CEO’s of well known companies, Ministers) to be our invited guests in our new expanded Prague Forum.

Please, feel welcome to review the individual pages offering a deeper description of each of our forums and events.

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